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Privacy Policy

Filmyfeed.com welcomes you to the world of entertainment. We respect your privacy and we are committed to safeguard your privacy while using our website Filmyfeed.com. Here in this section we provide you detailed information about our website privacy practices that will give you a better understanding about the website.


Like many other websites Filmyfeed.com also uses cookies to provide better user experience. A cookie is a piece of data that is sent from a website and stored in user’s web browser while using the website. Cookies help us to our track the size audience, their frequency of visits to the website and locate their geographical location. For instance if a makes purchase from our website, cookies are used to keep the shopping cart active. Further we may also use cookies to save your preferences and deliver content that is specific your interest.

We might display third party ads in our website that might contain cookies. We do not have access to the information about the cookies delivered through banner ads, as they are collected by our ad company. Filmyfeed.com may also serve banner ads that contain cookie. But we will only share such information with our advertisers and sponsors on an aggregate basis to determine the success of any given banner, logo or advertisement.

We may also use log IP addresses for the purposes of systems administration or to report information in aggregate form to our advertisers.

With Whom We Share Your Information

We will not disclose your information with other companies. We will only share your personal information to our faithful agents who assures to keep your information secure and confidential in all the circumstances. We may also disclose aggregated user statistics to our prospective partners and advertisers to explain our services.


We display many links and advertisements in different parts of our website. When click on these links or banner ads you will be taken to that particular page and your are subjected to accept their privacy practices. Filmyfeed.com in no way responsible for the content displayed in the site or their privacy practices.

We Request the users to do not disclose their personal information in the comments section of the website as it becomes public and can be misused by users, as cannot control the users.


We take industry standard security measures to safeguard and protect your personal information under our control. But as a responsible internet user it is your responsibility to make that you are not sharing your personal information like email address, usernames, passwords to unauthorised websites. Filmyfeed.com is no way liable to the errors that occur during the checkout process or any other product or service related issues like damage, returns, refunds and delivery issues.

By using the website you convey your acceptance of the privacy declaration. In any case if you are not comfortable with the above privacy practices yon can always discontinue using the website. We reverse all the rights to make any changes in the privacy statement and we will keep you informed about it. For further assistance you can always contact at Info@filmyfeed.com.

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